Customised solutions for your legal protection

ARAG LegalU is a legal support product that offers more than just insurance. We provide personalised support with solutions, advice, and prevention tips at every important moment of your life. Choosing a LegalU solution will give you optimal legal protection insurance with coverage and corresponding premiums that are perfectly adapted to your personal circumstances.

ARAG LegalU is made up of different modules that together, cover every aspect of private life. You can select any of the modules that best suit your personal situation.
Whatever modules you decide on, you can be sure that you will benefit from the best legal protection insurance, at the right price.

As a starting point: your family situation combined with your type of housing

In a rapidly evolving society, legal aid products must respond to the demands of new situations. ARAG LegalU is awake to these changes, which is why your specific personal situation is our starting point. If you are single (with or without children), your needs will almost certainly be different from those of a married or cohabiting couple with one or several children. Your circumstances will determine the type of cover you need and the relevant premium: as a homeowner, therefore, you would benefit from a wider cover than you would if you were a tenant – such as for a dispute concerning construction, for example.

Legal income protection is possible and affordable with ARAG

As a complement to the basic, obligatory “consumer and home” module, one of ARAG’s chief assets is the possibility of insuring your income on the most favourable terms. This is indispensable if you have a salary dispute, but also for potential litigation with the government concerning your pension and other social benefits. In the case of a salary dispute, whether you have a job or not, you can turn to ARAG for legal assistance without worrying about the financial aspects.


The five assets

Flexibility – always adapted to your individual situation

The right price – calculated according to your family situation and if you are a home owner or not

A modular package: one basic module complemented by three other optional ones

Professional management through our network of expert broker partners

More than insurance, LegalU provides genuine lifetime support, which includes legal advice via our legal assistance helpline


4 Modules

Consumer and Home

This basic module already guarantees an independent and objective protection of your interests in the case of a dispute with your home and fire insurer. Broadly speaking, it covers your consumer rights – every kind of general contract as well as for contracts related to your property assets including construction or renovation disputes. Even damage and disputes arising from using the internet and social media are covered in this module – think online harassment or a delivery that has not complied with your order.

Family and Government

This is a more specific module that covers family-related concerns as well as administrative and fiscal matters.

• Individual rights, such as the legal aspects related to marriage, or divorce, custody, and alimony – Guardianship falls into another category.
• Inheritance rights and legal problems that may arise from an inheritance.
• Fiscal law, not only relating to your income but also to your properties.
• Administrative law to cover an eventual administrative dispute, such as building permission, for example.


This module covers all eventual disputes relating to employment law and to social security. Coverage for labour rights is facultative: you can exclude it if you do not need it.

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