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"The ultimate in flexibility"


ARAG LegalU is a legal support product that offers more than just insurance. We provide personalised support with solutions, advice, and prevention tips at every important moment of your life. Choosing a LegalU solution will give you optimal legal protection insurance with coverage and corresponding premiums that are perfectly adapted to your personal circumstances.


Private Issues

Stay safe and carefree for life. We avoid disasters and conflicts whenever possible. However, accidents still occur and trivial disputes can often lead to serious consequences.

For example, think of a guest who damages your expensive apartment but refuses to pay, a journey that is not consistent with the dream holiday that you have booked, or an insurer who refuses to cover a home burglary because your home was not well-protected.

For all of these cases, ARAG provides the perfect legal insurance for private individuals!

What does the insurance cover?

The private legal insurance provides a basic coverage or a comprehensive coverage depending on the formula you choose. The five formulas offer a variety of coverage (basic to comprehensive) and different financial ceilings.

The basic formula is considered as an additional coverage to a different insurance policy. The most comprehensive formula protects you as a consumer in your private life, your professional life (as a wage earner or civil servant) and your real estate assets (your main and second home).

Choose the formula that suits you best:


ARAG BasicS provides you good protection for a reasonable premium. This three-in-one formula includes legal assistance for your personal life, your vehicles, and legal assistance after a fire and the associated risks. The solution covers:

  • civil story
  • criminal defense
  • civil defense
  • real estate
  • insolvency of third parties
  • criminal bail
  • assistance compensation
  • legal aid after fire and the associated risks

This formula can be closed online, all other formulas can be closed by a broker.


ARAG Bronze offers a similar coverage as the BasicS, except the coverage of your vehicle is not automatically included. In this formula, you have options to include your firs vehicle, your second vehicle, or all the vehicles of your family. In addition, the insured capital of ARAG Bronze is greater than that of ARAG BasicS.


ARAG Silver extends the basic formula with additional "consumer protection" legal aid. That is both for general contracts, for example lending money to someone and not receiving it back, as well as for general contracts regarding real estate property, for example if your new home has defects like fungi.

Who does the insurance cover?

The coverage applies to you (the signer of the contract), and the members of your family (cohabiting partner and relatives by blood or marriage in a straight line), including children who no longer live under your roof but still have child benefits.

In what capacity am I insured?

You are insured as:

  • a private individual
  • an employer of domestic workers
  • the owner and/or occupant of a main and secondary residence
  • a wage earner, apprentice, or professional in the pursuit of your professional activities

Is my vehicle covered?

You can choose from two Mobility options, for the risks that appear when you are in traffic:

Mobility Gold

Family Mobility Gold


The Mobility-aid insures you and your family for risks related to the traffic, and risks associated with a single vehicle (Mobility Gold) or all vehicles (Family Mobility Gold).

Examples of interventions:


You are hurt and get compensation. Unfortunately the offender is not able to pay.


You install solar panels. The installer makes mistakes, resulting in your solar panels not working properly.

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