Because the Internet's presence is growing increasingly stronger, we also look after your interests in the virtual world. ARAG Web@ctive offers you a wide protection against damage, conflicts, and other issues arising from the internet and social media, from online fraud and cyber-bullying to identity theft.

Why Web@ctive?

Do you often do your shopping online? Do you have social media account on as Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter? Do you have online banking? Then there is a great chance, that you confront the risks from the worldwide web. ARAG protects you against these risks and you can surf online without worries!

Who is insured?

The coverage applies to you (the signatory of the contract), and the members of your family (cohabiting partner and relatives by blood or marriage in a straight line), including children who no longer live under the same roof but still enjoy child benefits.

What does the insurance contain?

The insurance includes services for deleting or removing unwanted online information, civil claim for online damage, civil copyright, criminal defence and legal assistance in online contracts.


Examples of interventions

You purchase books and CDs on the internet. During the process of delivery, the items are damaged. The supplier refuses to reimburse you, and you are left with a worthless purchase. ARAG will seek a solution for you.

You google your name and notice that wrong and unwanted information about you appears. ARAG takes the responsibility, and ensures that the data will be deleted.

Photos of your family, which you posted on your Facebook, are used on other websites without your permission . ARAG gives you consultation and helps you to defend your rights.


In what situations am I insured?

You are insured if:
the dispute arises in your private life.
the dispute is a result of or related to the use of the internet.
You are not insured if the dispute is related to:
a commercial activity.
freelance work or self-employed work.
any other independent activities.

Interested ? Talk about web@ctive with your broker.

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