Business Legal Insurance

As a self-employed person or an entrepreneur, you know all too well that legal conflicts are almost inevitable. Whether it is a business dispute with a supplier, a disagreement with an employee about work rules, or a burglary in your office, the costs of such disputes quickly soar– unless you have legal insurance from ARAG:

What does the insurance cover?

The legal protection insurance SME provides a basic coverage or a comprehensive coverage depending on the formula you choose:


Business Bronze


Business Silver


Business Gold


The three formulas offer a variety of coverage (limited to extensive) and different financial ceilings.

Who does this insurance cover?

The insurance covers:


You, as the signatory of the contract.

Legal and statutory representatives.

Employees and/or helpers within the framework of their professional activities.


Attention: Do you employ more than 10 people worldwide? please contact ARAG for a customized formula.

In what capacity am I insured?

You are insured as either an individual or a company. That means you are insured within the scope of your professional activities, and as the owner or tenant of the company building.

Examples of interventions:

Business Bronze:

Your insurer of Civil Liability for Professional Life asks you to pay a compensation that they had to pay to a third party, for a serious professional error that you incurred. During this conflict of interests with your civil liability insurer, we take over.

Business Silver:

There is a fire on your business premises. Your fire insurer pays an insufficient fee. ARAG does everything possible in order to obtain you the highest possible compensation.

Business Gold:

Your constructions are noisy. One of your neighbors complains about the loudness from your machines, and prosecutes you due to the noise. ARAG will defend you against them.

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