Legal aid trader

As a trader you put a lot of time, money and energy into your company. What if someone (un)intentionally causes damage to your window? Your ex-employee sues you in court because of his/hers resignation? Because of a professional negligence you are being prosecuted? With the ARAG-legal protection insurance Trader Gold, as a trader you will enjoy with maximum legal certainty.

What does the insurance cover?

Our insurance package Trader Gold supports you in all legal matters related to your business. Do not worry about causing damages from doing business, disagreements with your employees, conflicts with the financial authorities or wrong deliveries. We offer you a comprehensive package tailored to your job.

For which professions is the insurance suitable?

  • (banquet)bakery
  • bar, café
  • butcher
  • library
  • flower shop
  • bookstore
  • knitwear shop
  • charcuterie
  • chocolaterie
  • clothing shop
  • textile articles, textile
  • pet supplies
  • drugstore
  • dry clean
  • fast food
  • bike shop
  • photo copy center
  • photographer
  • chip shop
  • gift items
  • watch shop
  • ice cream parlour
  • barber
  • nursery, kindergarten
  • grocery shop
  • leather shop
  • frame shop
  • nature and diet shop
  • paper business
  • perfumery
  • dvd, cd, video games, ...
  • restaurant
  • shoemaker
  • shoe shop
  • beauty institute
  • toy store
  • sugar and candy store
  • caterer
  • lighting
  • fishmongers
  • fishing shop
  • food shopping
  • laundry
  • wines and spirits
  • tanning center

Who is covered by the insurance?

The cover applies for:

you as the signer of the contract
legal and statutory representatives
the employees and/or helpers within the framework of their professional activities

Good to know!

You employ more than 10 people? At ARAG we have a special offer for you!
Contact our ARAG experts for more information.

In which activity am I insured?

You are insured in your activity as a self-employed person or a company. This means, as part of your professional activities and as the owner or tenant (of a part) of the building for the performance of your activity.

Damaged goods

You have ordered certain goods and materials from your supplier. The delivery shows defects. We will help you dispute the invoice.


Your store windows have been painted with graffiti, causing damage to you and your business.


While doing business you get involved in an accident. In order to have your freedom you have to pay a deposit. In that case, we are paying the deposit for you.