Medical Legal Insurance

Are you an independent healthcare professional, or do you have a medical or paramedical profession? Then you have great responsibilities as a medical provider, which means high chance of conflicts. What if a patient disputes the quality of your surgery and ask for compensation? Or what if you have complaints about the medical equipment but the supplier refuses to take responsibility? With the legal insurance from ARAG for medical and paramedical professionals, you are insured with excellent legal assistance – without worries about the cost.

In what capacity am I insured?

You are insured as either an individual or a company. That means, within the scope of your professional activities, and as the owner or tenant of the company building.

Is my vehicle covered?

You can choose an optional Mobility Gold with the formula, which insures you and your family for traffic related risks for one or more vehicles.

Examples of interventions

Damage to Property

You are a doctor. At the request of an insurer, you carry out a medical examination of a person. Afterwards, it appears that the person was wrongly accepted based on the information from your inspection. As a doctor, you are liable for the financial loss of the insurer.

Professional Misconduct

You make a professional error that results in unintentional harm to a patient.


A violent patient disturbs your practice, and destroys expensive equipment. The liable person is not solvent to the costs.


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