Mobility Gold

The Mobility Gold option insures you (as a natural or legal person) and your dependants (partner and relatives by blood or marriage IN A STRAIGHT LINE) for risks related to one or more vehicles and risks related to traffic. The insurance covers the authorized drivers and the passengers free of charge on the insured vehicle.

You are insured as an owner, holder, driver or occupant of the vehicle, and also simply as a transportation participant. For example, you will be insured as a pedestrian or cyclist, as a driver of a vehicle that belongs to a third party, and also as a passenger on public transportation.

By 'vehicle', ARAG means any motor vehicle that moves on land, on water or in the air – including trailers and caravans. If the vehicle is temporarily unqualified, the warranty is extended to a replacement vehicle.


Examples of Interventions

Your insurer underestimates the "value prior to the accident" of your vehicle. ARAG acts as a COUNTER-EXPERT, and fights for you to get a higher compensation pay-out.

Children throw stones at your car. The insurer of the liable family will reimburse you for the repair, but the exemption continues to recover. ARAG shoot the exemption for.

The authorities refuse to give you a driving license due to physical disability. You contest this decision, and ARAG will defend your case in court.