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Professional and Affordable

The legal business is difficult. Legislation is constantly changing; the language is full of legal jargon, and legal advice costs a lot of money – unless you rely on ARAG. With our
Legal Insurance, you will always receive the best legal assistance for a competitive price. Our specialists will take care of your case, while you can focus on other things in life.

Accessible and Personal

It is ARAG's pleasure to offer you understandable, accessible and personal assistance. All of our
employees and brokers are specialists in their fields. They will defend your interests with heart and soul, and offer you products and services according to your private needs and your company. Stay prepared for legal issues, and avoid all the risks with legal protection from The ARAG Group.

Indispensable and Unsurpassed

A good insurance plan is always a must. However, not many insurance companies contain legal protection as an extension of the policy.The separate legal insurance from ARAG therefore has important advantages:

ARAG focuses on legal protection: it is our speciality, not just an additional side product.
ARAG is independent: we defend your rights without conflicts of interest.
ARAG is strong and reliable: we profit from decades of experience and legal know-how.
ARAG is client- and future-oriented: we continuously develop new products and services to give you the best possible support.

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